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Where Pool Problems Meet Expert Solutions

Where Pool Problems Meet Expert Solutions


You built your swimming pool and spa area as an important part of your backyard experience. This is where you create priceless memories that last a lifetime. You don’t have time to waste being the one who worries about every little detail to keep your pool and spa looking new and running smooth. Let our team of friendly and professional experts take the headache out of maintaining your swimming pool.


The safety of your guests and customers is your primary concern. You have to have a reputation that your pool is a fun and safe place to play or exercise. We will help you remain compliant with all the rules and regulations of operating a commercial swimming pool.

Our Process

We pride ourselves in being responsive to your needs. We’ve all heard the nightmares of pool repair companies taking weeks to respond, or never returning your call in the first place.

Our Repair Services

Not only is your waterline tile an aesthetic aspect of the look of your pool, but it serves an important function to safeguard your pool from the “freeze-thaw” damage our unique Utah climate produces. We can repair or replace your waterline tile right. Our vast selection of tile options means you get exactly the look you want. We also repair tile on your sundeck, steps, and other areas in your pool and spa area.

Pool plaster is the final seal and coating for a concrete swimming pool or spa. It’s primary purpose is to provide a watertight seal. Depending on the type of plaster you choose, it can give you a variety of different feels, colors, and designs. Our plaster experts know their craft; you can relax knowing this important seal on your pool has been done right.

There are a lot of factors that can produce cracks in your pool or spa plaster. You want to make sure you address cracks in your pool immediately. The last thing you want is to leak water into the ground around your pool causing erosion, sink holes, and other major problems. Lack of attention to cracks can cause expensive problems. We use state-of-the art technology to mend those nasty cracks, and in some cases, make those areas even stronger.
Pool automation uses a control panel to control certain pool and spa functions remotely through actuators and relays—most commonly the pump and heater, but it can also extend to lights, water features, and spas. Some modern automation systems connect via smartphone apps so you can control your systems wherever you go. We repair and replace automation systems to make your life easier.
Utah has one of the most unique climates in the world. Very few places on Earth fluctuate from extreme cold to extreme heat in a matter of weeks. Unless you’re doing a Polar Plunge in cold water, you want a reliable heater to keep your pool and spa at enjoyable temperatures. We can fix or replace you heater.
The pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulatory system. It pulls water from the pool and pushes it to other equipment to be heated, treated, and filtered, returning cleaner, healthier, and warmer pool water. Without proper circulation your pool can become sick and then the people who swim in the pool can become sick. We repair and install pumps to keep your system healthy.
A pool filter is a component of a pool’s filtration system that removes dirt and debris from water. A pump pulls water to the filter, the filter removes dirt and debris, and then clean water is returned to the pool through return jets on the pool walls.

A saltwater pool is a swimming pool that uses a saltwater chlorine generator to convert bulk salt into chlorine. The converted chlorine performs the same functions as conventional pool chlorine: killing bacteria and algae, as well as oxidizing dirt and chloramines. We clean, repair, and replace salt systems.

The last thing you want is a water leak in your pool or spa. This can destroy your pool and cause costly damage to your property. We use state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint the exact location of your leak so we can repair that crack in the most efficient manner.

Automatic pool covers provide safety. It protects you from unaccompanied swimmers using your pool when you’re not at home. You can have the peace of mind knowing a neighborhood child is not going to wander into your backyard and drown in your pool. It also keeps your pool cleaner by preventing leaves, dirt, and debris from getting into your pool water. We repair and install automatic pool covers.

We keep your pool clean.

Ensuring a clean environment is the goal of any pool professional, so why choose one over the other?
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